A Tropical Honeymoon in Bali

Whether you are newlywed, or have been together for years, sharing new experiences as a couple is a wonderful way to strengthen the roots of your relationship, keeping the loving bond between you fresh and exciting.  So, rather than staying in your own country for your honeymoon, why not visit a destination that is world-renowned for it’s romantic offerings?  

Known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ for its ceremonial traditions and sacred temples, Bali is draped with an intoxicating mix of romance, natural beauty and culture.  As a honeymoon destination, this island is second to none, enchanting and seducing with its pristine white sandy beaches, clear Blue Ocean and unadulterated tropical splendor.

Honeymoon Bali

The team at The Seven Holidays knows Bali inside out and can craft a special love story on the island that is completely unique to you as a couple. We believe that Honeymoons should be considered on a whole other level to any normal holiday.  We want you to believe in the beauty of your dreams so that we can help to make them come true, that is why we tailor make each and every honeymoon experience so that you can enjoy the absolute best that Bali has to offer. Don’t just settle for folded towels and a welcome drink, ensure that every minute of your romantic getaway is peppered with love and romance, leaving you with memories that will last for your lifetime together.

To help you choose from the vast array of blissful experiences that Bali has to offer, we have carefully crafted various Bali honeymoon packages to suit your desires.  Whether you want to enjoy just a few days or stay for two weeks, our team can create the perfect blend of options that will leave you floating with happiness.  You can choose any of the packages available and enjoy the complete freedom to select whatever experience you want from the plethora of romantic inclusions on offer. Explore the different regions in Bali to give you a taste of this beautiful, romantic honeymoon island, the volcanic mountains, lush green forests and unexplored getaways that leave you speechless.

Tropical Honeymoon

Or if you want to bask in relaxing luxury without going too far, simply stay in one location and indulge yourselves in a pampering package. Opt for a tranquil break or an adventurous active experience, or even choose both! The team at The Seven Holidays has spent years finding the best of the best to ensure that every experience on offer exceeds expectations. Enjoy a romantic picnic with fresh oysters and Italian wine from a private winery overlooking the Indian Ocean during sunset, have dinner in a cave or on a boat.  

Create memories you can share back home with your loved ones with a romantic photo-shoot at one of Bali’s most beautiful spots.  Share exciting, intimate, spiritual, romantic and cultural experiences with a traditional Balinese Blessing Ceremony, intricate silver jewelry making, batik painting and much more. Make the most of your private chauffeur with guided tours of the most beautiful ‘must see’ sites of Bali or just hop in and explore the ‘unseen’ sites of Bali. We have so many ideas and options available and our dedicated team is on hand and excited to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Whatever your honeymoon choice, whether traditional, romantic, opulent, exciting, adventurous or distinctly unusual, we can help you make it turn out just as you planned it, right down to the last detail. Start your life together the way you wish it to continue and book an exclusive tailor-made honeymoon holiday with us.

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