Do not miss these 7 Bali Honeymoon Destinations in 2023-2024

Have you finally decided on Bali as your honeymoon destination in 2024? If the answer is yes, then you should be excited and ready to embark on a holiday of absolute bliss and cultural delight. The jungle will tickle your inner nature and the ocean will inspire serenity. Together with your beloved partner, a honeymoon in Bali is by far, the most romantic way to begin your journey into marriage. Wedding plans tend to occupy all your time and because of this, choosing a Bali all inclusive honeymoon package that will take you to the most sought after Bali honeymoon destinations, will most certainly relieve you from your honeymoon worries and free your busy schedule. The Seven Holiday has 14 strategically designed packages for couples honeymooning during 2023 and 2024. These carefully tailored honeymoon experiences make for a hassle-free, well-priced and valuable deal that include the most romantic nuances to ensure this significant time with your partner will fabricate memories to last a lifetime.

The attentively selected villas, resorts and hotels situated in the best parts of the island highlight some extraordinary sites of river valleys, waterfalls, rice paddies, volcanoes, Balinese temples and limestone cliffs. Within these packages we ensure exceptional service, luxurious accomodation and out of this world facilities which include private plunge pools, artisanal bars, high end restaurants, revitalising spas and adventure seeking activities.

Take a peek below at the 7 best packages, paired together with our Bali romantic holiday packages to ensure you explore these areas in luxury, style and absolute romance.

Most Popular Destinations

Some of us like to go to those destinations most desired and others like to steer away and head off the beaten track. Whatever you fancy, Bali has it all. Below you will find the most popular sought-after destinations within Bali.


This hip and stylish destination next to the sea, buzzing with visitors is known for its trendy beach clubs and cutting edge clothing boutiques. If you are wanting to browse the stores for unique pieces and travel with flair, then we recommend you make Seminyak your first stop off on your romantic getaway. This Seminyak Honeymoon package in Bali will allow for some much needed relaxing intimacy with your partner, but also keep you excited for the following moments to come. On this Bali Romantic getaway, you will be delighted to stay in a private villa close enough to the action, but quiet enough to feel the tranquillity we all crave on vacation. Nearby are a number of sleek beach bars and exquisite restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. Pop in to the Petitenget Temple: view the intricate architecture and get a taste of Indonesian culture. Whilst in Seminyak, you can take a day trip to Uluwatu to explore charming beaches and high-end beach clubs.

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The heart of Bali can be found amongst the spiritual energy, culture and jungle in the centre of Bali - Ubud. It is no wonder the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with the lead actress, Julia Roberts, was filmed in this very inspiring location. Being a fairytale dream, we think it is safe to say this area is one of the most romantic Bali destinations you can find. The village attracts yogis and foodies from afar as there are many healthy, vegan restaurants and yoga meditation centres within the area. A deep dance and craft culture is present in this lush region and visiting the central market is a good place to experience it. If you want to pair the upbeat commercial vibe of Seminyak, with the deep tranquillity of the Ubud rainforest, then this 5 day Ubud honeymoon package will suit you perfectly. This intricately curated holiday includes tours of the best beaches in Uluwatu as well as a tour to the World Famous Tegalalang Rice terrace paddies.  The Seven Holiday will have you and your loved one in awe as we have incorporated some of the most beautiful honeymoon additions such as candlelight dinners and romantic picnic lunches into this package.

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Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is Indonesian for “two islands” which refers to the two risen headlands on the Peninsula of this coast. It is one of the most desired honeymoon locations because it is filled with an array of superior hotels, appealing to those wanting first-rate quality of elegance and luxury. Honeymooners visiting the area go to Nusa Dua to enjoy bathing on the beaches and swimming in the ocean, as well as getting involved in the cultural activities on offer, such as exploring temples and touring museums. The Nusa Dua honeymoon package will take your breath away. With a 24/7 personal assistant, you and your partner will be treated like royals. This Bali Romantic Getaway will ensure you are pampered head to toe at your 5 star Ocean front private pool villa, which will be personally decorated for your honeymoon arrival. On the coastline of Nusa Dua there is a small crack in the rock formation, which creates a massive blowhole of water erupting into the sky. People come here to admire the performance of the ocean, however, we would suggest being careful when getting too close, as this force can be very powerful on days that the ocean has a strong swell. Although you can find a few hidden gems, Nusa Dua has a lot less shopping and restaurants to choose from in comparison to Ubud or Seminyak.  If you are looking to go out on the town and dance the night away, then Seminyak would be preferable. This area is a “go to bed early!” and “wake up early” kind of place. After your first 4 days in Nusa Dua, you will be escorted to the centre of the Island, where your exotic jungle villa awaits. You will be amazed by the 180-degree turn in the atmosphere and be charmed by the beauty of the rainforest. Some activities you can be sure to enjoy in these 8 special days are early morning yoga practice, a beach club tour, a quality spa treatment, a romantic gazebo picnic, unlimited use of watersports, an authentic Indonesian cooking class, and a romantic 3 hour photoshoot journey.

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Gili Islands

These three islands situated just North East of Bali are the epitome of paradise. The best way to travel to these islands is to take a 1,5 hour fast boat from mainland Bali. What we love about the Gili’s is the fact that all motorised vehicles are strictly prohibited and therefore the most common mode of transport is by bicycle. This decreases noise pollution which makes for an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. Gili Tarawanga is the most popular out of the trio and is known to have a booming nightlife scene buzzing with entertainment. Going on a Gili Meno or a Gili Air honeymoon would be incredibly romantic, however with less activities and amenities. Here, in Gili Trawangan you can still find parts of the island catering to those wanting to bask in seclusion and silence with their loved ones. The Seven Holiday has three different Gili Island packages to offer you, depending on your budget. However this value for money package will have you staying in one of the most luxurious hotels on the island- The Pearl of Trawangan. Your trip will include a 3 hour snorkeling trip where you will explore the colourful marine life of exotic fish, coral and friendly turtles. The best feature of these islands is by far the heart melting sunset views. The burnt orange sky in the evening will wow you. If you are interested in tailoring your honeymoon to include one of the other three islands on your Gili island honeymoon, we would be more than happy to alter, update and accommodate you.

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More secluded destinations

Some areas of Bali have become overpopulated with tourists and this has tainted the perception of those wanting to visit the island. For honeymooners who prefer a less frequented holiday destination, Bali has some untouched locations that will spoil you and keep you coming back for more!


The area of Candidasa is also known by the locals as Sengkidu village. This seaside spot has been chosen as a prime luxury hotel destination, which means you have many accommodation options to choose from. One of the most engaging and attractive features here is a beautiful lagoon covered in multi-coloured lilies, located in the centre of the village. Something spectacular to capture a photo of a sunrise or sunset. The Candi Beach Resort and Spa nearby, has its own private white sand beach where you can venture out snorkelling in the ocean and gaze at exquisite marine life, or exhaust some energy on a stunning sunrise kayaking session. This resort will be your first stop on your Bali honeymoon package itinerary when you choose the 8 day romantic escape package. The luxury suite you will stay in is of the highest quality, boasting a private jacuzzi on your very own balcony, overlooking the ocean. An early morning gazebo style beach breakfast and early evening candlelit dinner will create a romantic atmosphere while you relish in delectable cuisine. This Bali escape is for the honeymooners who are craving a holiday far from the latter, in an attempt to break away from the hustle and bustle and bask in seclusion and intimacy with their partner.

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This area, just West of Bali is a 2 hour journey up the coast from Canggu, and is worth the visit, if you would like to feel a deeper connection with nature on your romantic Bali getaway. Although this village is known to be sleepy, there are plenty of activities to enjoy here and nearby. In Pulukan you can selfishly take ownership of the finest beaches, as they are absent from crowds and accessible to all. Medewi beach is extremely popular for surfers, because of the perfect swell. However, if surfing is not your thing you can either swim in the waves or stroll along the pebbles and black sand to the West part of the beach, where rows of colourful fishing boats are docked. The sunsets here are out of this world.  If you love to fish, you can fish from the shore. One of the best places to stay here is the eco-friendly Puri Dajuma Resort. This resort is a place where your dreams will come true! What better place to add to your Bali honeymoon itinerary in Pulukan than this drop dead gorgeous resort just steps away from the seafront of Pulukans black beaches, surrounded by lush greenery and silence? Puri Dajuma is so enticing because of its range of free activities offered on a daily basis such as badminton, cooking courses, bamboo decoration crafts, Balinese dance classes, and ping pong. Not only will you be pampered and fed like royals, you will be entertained too. If you are looking for the ultimate escape and break from the distractions of daily life, then considering this honeymoon package would be recommended. This romantic getaway to Indonesia will be paired with less crowded destinations in Bali such as Candidasa (as mentioned above) and Munduk.

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Munduk & Bedugul Region

The mountain village of Munduk is hidden in the North of Bali’s mountain range, far away from the less authentic parts of the South. Two days here is more than enough to relish in the best parts of the Munduk region. Because this area is located in the mountains, the temperature remains a bit lower than the rest of Bali, which is rather refreshing on boiling hot days! The stunning Banyumala Twin Waterfall is situated in a beautiful jungle setting, where you will have a surreal experience swimming in the pool just below. There are exquisite Viewpoints surrounding the waterfall. 

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Munduk coffee plantations are prevalent in this area, and how much better is it to taste this authentic, local coffee rather than supporting the exploitation of the Civet by choosing Luwak coffee. Close to nature and wildlife, the 4-star Sanak Retreat Bungalows is the ideal accommodation to choose in this area and is a part of the Bali Romantic Escape package. This 8 day honeymoon package will take you on some thrilling adventures canoe riding through the jungle, and partaking in a traditional Balinese cooking class. Adding Munduk to your Bali honeymoon destinations to visit list is a must for those seeking absolute tranquillity and intimacy. The Bedugul Region lies 1,500 meters above sea level and is super close to Lake Bretan, where the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan water temple is located. When the water rises here, the temple looks as if it is floating, which is truly majestic. The Bedugul Region has over 20,000 plant species making for a pleasing landscape.

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Because The Seven Holiday is situated locally, our extensive knowledge of the Bali area allows the company to maintain the best quality and price of the products and services that we offer. Adapting and modifying a Bali romantic honeymoon package to incorporate a hotel, activity or destination that has not been mentioned is welcomed and easy to achieve. Get in contact with our travel professionals, as they are trained to assist wherever possible.

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