9 Reasons why it is a mistake to NOT use a Bali Travel Agency in Indonesia

It's your first time to the tropical island of Bali and you want it to be perfect. You are self negotiating between planning the 14 day trip by yourself or using a professional travel agency in Bali. Your goal is to have a seamless experience filled with adventure, good food and exceptional service. Being able to plan this trip to the T, without actually having stepped foot on the island may prove to be unlikely and this is where investing your trust in a professional can be rewarding in more ways than one. Bali is a beautiful island packed with plenty of excitement and heaps of tourists, which means economically, the locals rely largely on tourism. Although this is super for both parties, it can also result in someone like yourself being taken advantage of. Bali travel agents may have taken on an “old fashioned “ stigma but the human element of trust is needed now more than ever, where an information overload can be misleading.

We have outlined 9 reasons why calling up a Bali Travel Agent such as The Seven Holiday is a no brainer.

1. Travel agent will save you time & money

With the fast paced world we live in today, I struggle to make time to even do my laundry. For some people, planning a Bali holiday is part of the fun but this kind of groundwork, searching for the finest areas and top quality hotels can be unexpectedly time consuming and result in unforeseen stress. Making use of a travel agent in Bali and Indonesia will make your life a thousand times easier, eliminating the pressure and allowing you to use that time wisely to arrange your work life accordingly for when you vacate. The myth that travel agencies cost extra is just that, a myth. What we don't realise is that they make money from their clients, not necessarily their customers. Travel agencies in Bali usually get the best deals, as they have especially partnered to create a mutually beneficial relationship and bring in business for the locals. This allows you to enjoy top quality hotels, restaurants and activities, always getting much more than what you pay for.

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2. Bali travel agency knows the location in and out

When embarking on an exciting new adventure, doing it in local style exposes the authentic elements of the place you are visiting. Indonesia in particular, is known for its rich culture and vibrant people. Engaging with the locals, will open the doors to a world you never knew existed. From ancient temples to age old rituals,  The Seven Holiday does not just sell a destination, we sell an experience. Being on the ground means we have strong roots in Bali and the surrounding areas allowing us to keep up to date on the latest and most reputable activities, restaurants and hotels Bali has to offer. If you want an experience that is off the beaten track and unique , we are able to point you in the right direction. Many smaller local tour operators in Indonesia are unable to market digitally due to financial limits, which does not allow them exposure to those tourists who choose to book online. 

Through Bali travel agencies, we are able to reveal them to our customers. Any new and existing partners and recommendations are continuously reviewed to ensure consistency throughout our service. Our regional experts have travelled all parts of Indonesia and know how to plan the most optimal, hassle-free routes.

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3. It alleviates pressure when organising a group or family holiday in Bali

If you are travelling in a group, whatever you do, do not take on the duty of Head Trip Organiser. Believe me when I say, it is a heavy duty burden trying to get everyone to agree on the particulars of the trip, especially if it is every man for himself when discussing cost. A local travel agency in Bali can use your group budget effectively and ensure you receive the best in that price range, alleviating the possibility of disagreements.

Using a Bali travel company to plan a family holiday is extremely useful when you need to fulfill multi generation interests. It is not something we normally think about, but making sure there are activities that suit everyone's needs is very important so that everyone can enjoy the vacation equally. For instance, children like to play, so booking a child friendly hotel with a supervised kiddies club means your children will have lots of fun interacting with other kids and participating in age appropriate games, which allows mommy and daddy to have some free me time! The Seven Holiday planners take these needs into account and augment the vacation according to the whole families individual requests.

As one of our customers Leah Harris says - “We wanted to take our kids on holiday to Bali this year (first time) but we had very little time to do research on things to do and make a planning for day-to-day activities and good family accommodation. The Seven Holiday really came through for us. The people were so kind and helpful, coming up with ideas for family activities and quality family resorts with kids activities and kids clubs. Our children couldn't be happier and neither could we. For a hassle-free family holiday, I can definitely recommend booking your stay with this travel agency.”

Bali family holidays

4. Language barriers can make things very complicated without a Travel Agency

When you fly to a foreign country such as Indonesia, you will be unfamiliar with the local customs and unable to communicate effectively due to the lack of your spoken language. English is widely spoken in Indonesia, however misinterpretations can mislead to unanticipated outcomes. The Seven Holiday blends Balinese hospitality with Western management ensuring every detail has been thoroughly scheduled so that all parties benefit and are happy. It is easy to get wooed by a local into a money making scam when you are curious. Fumbling over the small print is very common when bathing in the joy of holiday fever. The Seven Holiday makes use of trusted partner across all of Indonesia who are highly experienced and honest, making you feel comfortable and at ease given any moment of doubt.

5. Bali travel agents are real people, which adds a much needed human element of trust

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When you need assistance, your travel agent is always a phone call away in case anything goes wrong. Remember, you have been waiting for this holiday for a whole year and in your dreams, it goes 100 per cent according to plan. Your energy is restored and your urge for indifference is satisfied. You arrive back home glowing and ready for a fresh new start at work. Hmmmm, in your dreams right. Planning your entire holiday in Bali alone can result in unforeseen problems. Anything from a cancelled hotel, to a stomach bug can instantly go wrong. The Seven Holiday ensures you stay safe in all aspects ( health, criminal, illegal tour operator etc). We cooperate with a Zurich Insurance group which offer full coverage during the entirety of your stay in Indonesia. We invest in our clients satisfaction before, during and after the trip. We are passionate about making this experience full of warm, happy memories for you and your loved ones by being there to advise in any way we can. We are your personal advocate.

6. Travel company pushes you to explore further

Travel agents in Bali are passionate about what they do. Most of them have travelled extensively, and know their product well. Assisting you is fulfilling for them and they will motivate you to do things you may not normally choose to do. The packages that The Seven Holiday offers are tailor made to ensure you are exposed to the most hidden and adventurous parts of the island, whether it be in the mountains, on the beach or in the jungle. “Never knew Bali had so many golf courses and each of them is absolutely stunning! Really enjoyed the 8-days golf trip which brought me to see all 4 golf courses and it also included day trips, seafood dinner and spa treatments. Had a blast!” Holly P Romero

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7. Travel companies in Bali help fill in the gaps

So you have found your flights, the areas you want to visit and a great deal on a hotel. Have you thought about your transfer from the airport to your hotel? Or about where to rent a surfboard? What about knowing where the best local cuisine is? And where to go to shop your heart out? Usually you would ask google, right? Well, google will give you hundreds of answers which can be very confusing and misleading. Reputable Bali travel companies have inhouse guides and transportation services, destination experts across the country and a network of experienced partners who will be sure to give you VIP star treatment whenever you book through them. This kind of service is priceless and incredibly difficult to find, sifting through the vast amounts of information the internet throws at us.

8. Travel agent will ensure your Bali honeymoon is perfect

Your honeymoon must be one of the most prized and most looked forward to holidays of your life. The time when you get to bathe in the joy of love, commitment & eternal trust. The wedding must be seamless, and so should the honeymoon. The wedding can be stressful, with or without a wedding planner. So the last thing you need on your plate is to worry about organising your honeymoon to a place you have never been. You have high expectations and don't want to be let down. The most valuable choice you will ever make here, is to let someone else do it for you. An expert. Not only will The Seven Holiday make sure your honeymoon is romantic and dreamy, we will be of 24/7 VIP personal assistant service at all times.

Bali honeymoon

9. Travel agencies go above and beyond for their customers

When you book a trip through a Bali travel agent, your enjoyment and review of their service is incredibly important to the success of their business. With everything online these days, one mishap will ensure a bad review, which will lead to less sales. Any travel agency that cares about what they do, will go above and beyond to make your holiday extra special by adding unexpected nuances along the way. “We planned our Bali honeymoon with the Seven Holiday. It was the most romantic week of our lives…. Need I say more? I am really impressed with the kind, personal attention we got throughout the honeymoon planning. A lovely detail: all the villas had flower petals on the bed and in the bath. We even received a complimentary bottle of wine to share on our first night. Loved it!” - Anthony Williams.

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In a nutshell, Bali travel agencies can take your experience to the next level, without any extra hidden costs. Don ́t sway away from considering this option only because a holiday so luxurious gives you a pricey impression. It can ́t be further from the truth. Not only do you deserve this dream holiday, but you deserve to receive the quality and value you pay for! If you want a once in a lifetime experience that only experts can plan then have a quick peek at what we have to offer. We are members of the Bali Wedding Association and the Main Indonesian Tourism Association ASITA, which shows that we have a long standing reputation and are dedicated to our customers.

If you are still not convinced, check out our customer reviews or send us an inquiry through the form below and we will give you a free consultation, attending to your interests, needs and expectations.

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