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The tropical magical and mysterious island of Bali is a land of contrasts beautiful white sand beaches, dense jungles, and towering volcanoes, all begging to be explored. Package holidays to Bali are nothing new and ever since the first Aussie surfers discovered the waves off Kuta beach people have been flocking here in their droves for sun sand and excitement. The old style vacation package to Bali was much the same as the bog standard package you could expect as an English holiday maker going off to Benidorm or Tenerife in the 60’s, and your typical holiday package to Bali back then would have been a the initial flights bog standard room, a 3 star resort and a voucher for a meal at the hotel restaurant, that was pretty much it since the 60’s the Bali holiday package has changed almost as dramatically as the island has. Almost everywhere you look in newspapers and magazines the world over you will find a section reading, best Bali holiday packages and although some of them can seem enticing tourists need to be aware of the pitfalls and check out exactly what they are getting before they buy.

Luxury Holidays in Bali by The Seven Holiday

Tailor made travel packages are a new addition to the package holiday, these packages are fantastic as you the customer get to effectively choose your holiday right down to the type of furniture you want in your room! These unique travel packages cover all the essentials like which hotel or resort you want to stay in, airport transfers etc. but also go above and beyond the call of duty by allowing you to select activities or excursions you wish to do like white water rafting, snorkeling, fishing trips, or even having dinner with a lion! Whatever you want to do you can be sure with a true Bali vacation package you can experience the best possible holiday with everything taken care of so you avoid all the tourist traps and pitfalls.

Luxury Vacations in Bali with The Seven Holiday

There are many companies claiming to offer this type of package but some are more reputable than others so how can you be sure you are not getting ripped off? With The Seven Holiday we provide the very best Bali vacation package on the island, our holiday packages are second to none as we are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to competitive pricing and also customer service. We accommodate in outstanding resorts like the St.Regis, Viceroy, Karma Kandara, and our dedicated team will help you with every step of the booking process making everything clear and easy and providing your perfect holiday experience, whether you want to ride elephants, take a Volkswagen campervan into the jungle over night or simply relax on the beach our tailor made packages provide you with an easy choice and great service and value every time so take a minute to browse our website and see what package best suites you and your family and allow us to do all the booking and hard work for you allowing you to do what you came on holiday for in the first place relax.

Choose from our Signature Holiday Packages designed for travellers with exceptional taste or let us know your very personal preferences and we will create special for you.

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