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There are endless amazing and fun things to do in Bali. With the variety of culture and nature throughout Indonesia and in particular on the island of Bali, we are happy to prove to you that "Unity in Diversity" is not just the written slogan of the country, but within Indonesia it is actually a fact! Read further to find expert descriptions, check tour inclusions, see real photos, and choose the most exciting excursions in Bali from a wide range of our presented signature tours.

Are you looking for some specific routes or you are still confused with the list of places you should visit? Send us an inquiry – and we will help you with expert advice and create special tailor made tour packages in Bali exclusively for you!


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Learn more: Guided Tours, Activities and Excursions in Bali

With our guided tours, travelers will get to see the most amazing places on the island of Bali. Always dreamt of jumping off a waterfall in the heart of the jungle? Seeing ritual ceremonies at sacred Hindu temples or visiting authentic Balinese villages? This is your chance! With our help, you will be taken on unforgettable journeys that stick with your for a lifetime.

The island’s highlights
Our Bali sightseeing tours will acquaint you with the most popular attractions and places on the island. You can visit the most sacred places such as the island’s mother temple Besakih Temple, the beautiful Pura Ulun Danu temple on Beratan lake, the water temple Tirta Empul where you can do a ritual bathing yourself, the iconic Tanah Lot temple to catch sunset and the Uluwatu monkey temple, sitting on a high cliff in the southern tip of Bali.

Be sure to take some time out in Ubud as well, the cultural heart of the island, where you can watch the legendary Kecak dance, cycle through the emerald rice paddies, encounter monkeys in the Monkey Forest and visit authentic little craftsmen villages where you can see local artists such as woodcarvers, silversmiths, Batik artists and painters at work. And how about a trip to the highlights of Bali such as Bedugul or Kintamani, where the air is cool and the views are breathtaking? You can visit strawberry plantations or coffee farms where you can try an array of local teas and even taste the famous Luwak Coffee - the most expensive coffee in the whole wide world. The possibilities are endless and there is still more…

The island’s secrets
On our Bali sightseeing tours, we will take you around and across the island and everywhere you may wish to go. Besides visiting the island’s hotspots, we also offer specialized tours to show you the “not-so-touristy” side of Bali Island. These exotic and unusual adventure package tours will drive you through the jungle of the island to reach secret waterfalls, unknown temples and hidden beaches. Our special waterfall tour package brings you to the impressive Aling Aling waterfalls where outdoor adventurists get to slide down a waterfall (yes, for real!) and make a 10-meter jump into a natural blue lagoon of the Balinese jungle. Culture lovers can go on a quest to see the secrets of the east, taking you to palaces, caves and cultural heritage sites in East Bali that not many island visitors know about such as the Goa Lawah Bat Temple, the Kerta Gosa Hall of Justice and the stunning Tirta Gangga water palace.

Signature packages and customized tours

We offer ready-made signature tours and excursions in Bali for different interests, but we will also gladly customize and tailor-make unique holiday packages and tours for our travellers. Your personal wishes are of most importance to us and with our expert team of passionate locals and expats, you won’t have to worry about missing out on a thing. You will be seeing everything you want to see and doing everything you want to do on world’s only Island of the Gods for a truly uncompromised and unique holiday in Bali.

Take a look at our signature Guided Tours for more inspiration:
Across the Island
Kintamani explorer
Secrets of the East

All of our Bali excursions and guided tours packages include air-conditioned transport with wifi, inclusive of petrol, all entrance and parking fees, professional licensed English-speaking personal guide, experienced driver, mineral water and in some cases also a buffet lunch.

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Explore Activity Tours and Bali Excursions

Outdoor adventurists, young and old, these activity tours are for you! We got a wide range of fun, challenging and adventurous things to do in Bali, from white water rafting and sunrise hikes up the highest and most sacred volcano in Bali, Mount Agung, or its sister Mount Batur, to horse riding on the beach, cycling through the rice paddies, going on safari adventures to get up close and personal with lions, elephants and tigers or cruising through the jungle with an ATV adventure tour.

Take a look at our signature Activity Tours for more inspiration: 
Volcano Batur climbing
Bali Safari 4x4

Guided by local experts
These are guaranteed amazing island experiences and you won’t have to worry about safety as all of the activities are guided by professional experts with the proper equipment and all activity tours come with insurance. Whether you are a family, a group of friends or a solo traveller, you are in for a true adventure in the raw tropical nature of Bali Island.

Water & Marine tours in Bali
Those who love the water will be thrilled to find out about our specialized water and marine tours. You don’t want to lie around on the beach all day long but you want to experience, see and do things above and under the surface of the sea. The outdoor water adrenaline junky, seekers of unique wildlife experiences and diving addicts, will get your fix! Our activities range from swimming with dolphins and surfing the waves of the ocean to flyboarding and underwater marine walks to island sailing cruises, ocean fishing trips and diving or snorkelling at the most amazing underwater hot spots surrounding Bali Island.

What lies beneath the surface
For sure, as Bali is surrounded by the deep blue Indian Ocean, there are many great snorkelling and diving spots to be found. Both in the east and in the west of Bali, there are some amazing spots not to be missed, like Menjangan Island, part of the West Bali national park, and the American Libertine shipwreck of Tulamben village in the east. This ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine back in 1942 and nowadays it is covered in live coral and surrounded by all kinds of colourful, exotic fish. It is easy to reach the ship as it lies just 25 meters from shore at a depth of 5 - 30 meters, making it a diving paradise for both beginners and advanced divers.

For those staying in the south of Bali, you can also go on a diving trip in Nusa Dua, great beginners spot to learn the tips and tricks of diving. Families with kids and even non-swimmers won’t have to miss out on these amazing underwater adventures either - they can do the ‘underwater marine walk’. Yes, it is really possible! With a special helmet on, making you look like an underwater astronaut, you can breathe normally while walking on the bottom of the sea where you can see and feed fish - a great underwater adventure for all ages! Talking about family activities, how about a trip that allows you to swim with dolphins? Nothing is impossible!

A healthy dose of Adrenaline
From wakeboarding to jetskiing and paragliding or all together in one fun adrenaline package - we can arrange it. Unleash your inner child and have lots of fun on the water with friends and family. You can also opt to try out something new and go Flyboarding, an activity where the water pushing you up, way high into the sky, and you can do some awesome moves and tricks. It certainly gives a kick and it is a unique watersport activity and experience!

Bali island became famous for its incredible surf breaks, and therefore, taking a surfing lesson is one of the things you absolutely must do during your holiday in Bali. Head over to the beaches of Canggu or Seminyak and you are up for some unforgettable surfing experiences for both the complete novice and the seasoned pro.

Boat trips
We also offer some amazing boat trips from traditional fishing trips to complete catamaran sail cruises. Our Waka Sailing Cruise to the island Nusa Lembongan promises an unforgettable day out at sea, fully inclusive of food, drinks (even sunset cocktails!) and activities such as snorkelling. Our Bounty Cruise combines a boat trip to Nusa Lembongan with fun, active watersport activities such as banana boat rides, canoeing, snorkelling and a 44-meter waterslide. There will be music, disco lights and a grand lunch buffet and you will visit a traditional village during the trip as well. Something different, but certainly another great outdoor boat adventure is the back to basic fishermen’s boat tour where you can catch some real big fish with the help of a local fisherman and grill it afterwards for lunch or dinner.

Take a look at our signature Water and Marine Tours for more inspiration: 
Waka Sailing Cruise
Cruise and Marine walk

Safety first
During all of our water and marine active tours, you will be guided by professional instructors and you will be provided with adequate equipment and insurance, keeping you safe and sound at all times!

Diversity & unique experiences
Now you know, this island is truly an amazing place and there are many exciting excursions in Bali from elephant rides through the jungle, to swimming with dolphins or even having lunch on the slopes of a volcano. There is no other place on planet earth with this kind of diversity. The enchanting Balinese culture is visible and tangible all over the island, enchanting all visitors.

Think about the ancient Hindu Temples that are famous all over the world such as Tanah Lot or Pura Ulun Danu, the many colourful little handmade offerings for the Gods that are found at every corner of every street and the mystical ceremonies held frequently at the village temples and out on the streets all over the island. The Balinese culture, loosely based on the Indian Hindu religion that worships Vishnu, Shiva and all the other gods of Indian folklore, sure gives a unique twist that makes this island one of a kind in the whole wide world.

For you 24/7 support & tailor-made Bali tour and activity packages

Bali excursions and activities are as varied as the island itself, from white water rafting, diving, surfing, and even becoming a jet propelled rocket man! Whatever you are interested in, you are sure to find it in Bali! Having said this, it is only good to know that no matter which one of our Bali tours and activities you choose and whether you are standing on the highest volcanic peak, exploring the underwater world or cruising the ocean on a boat or on a jet ski, our travel experts at The Seven Holiday are standby 24/7 to help, support and advice. Nothing is too much to ask and everything is possible!

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