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Note: (In the document the term ‘you’ refers to the website user, where the term 'we' refers to The Seven Holiday).

The Seven Holiday is a wide base holiday service provider and offers you a choice of holiday packages, accommodation, tours, and services through its website ( For your personal understanding our Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, and we encourage you to take the time to read them thoroughly and carefully; as they form the accepted practice of how a booking or bookings will be accepted by The Seven Holiday.

Any purchases made on the website (unless otherwise stated) are subject to all the terms and Terms & Conditions laid out in this document. Furthermore the person who has made a booking or is using said website, shall have agreed to adhere to, and has knowingly accepted these Terms & Conditions.

No changes or variation to any part of these Terms & Conditions shall be accepted or acknowledged or take place unless initially put in writing to and given full authority by The Seven Holiday to do so.

Terms of Use

1. By logging into and using you have entered into a contract with us and agree to be obligated legally by the terms laid out here which shall take effect immediately.

2. If you decide you do not wish to or indeed consent to be obligated legally by all the listed Terms & Conditions, please do not use or access

3. The Seven Holiday may amend these Terms & Conditions at any time they choose by posting amendments online, and as the website provider, holds the legal right to do so. Please study these Terms & Conditions closely and check periodically, to make sure you up to date on any amendments or changes  made by The Seven Holiday. Your continued use of after changes have been posted, is a declaration that you consent to be legally obligated by these and (any) new terms as updated, and/or amended by The Seven Holiday.

4. You are forbidden to, reproduce, republish, download, broadcast, online post, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use content (inclusive of text, images, URLs, pricing information, etc.) in any way except for your own personal, noncommercial use. Any other usage of content requires the prior written permission of The Seven Holiday (if you're interested in becoming a The Seven Holiday partner, please contact us).

5. You agree to use only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe the rights or, restrict or inhibit anyone else's enjoyment and use of  

6. Your use of is intended to be, non-commercial, personal use and/or to make legitimate requests to book the products or services offered on You agree not to use this site to make any false, speculative, or fraudulent requests. You agree not to use robots or other automated means to access this site, unless given prior permission and specifically permitted by The Seven Holiday.

7. The Seven Holiday gives you permission to make use of subject to the restrictions in these Terms & Conditions. In accessing or using the site, furthermore, you may be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent, objectionable, inaccurate, or otherwise deemed as inappropriate. The Seven Holiday does not sanction such content, and cannot vouch for its accuracy. Please take note you therefore access and use the site at your own risk.


1. As a user you can contribute to in a myriad of different ways, including uploading photos, writing reviews, about our products and services and rating other users' contributions.

2. We may decide to use your content in a number of different ways, including incorporating it into our advertisements, and other works, editing it for clarity, and grammar, reformatting the content and displaying it on the site. As such, you (the contributor) irrevocably grant us permission forthwith to use your (uploaded or displayed) content for any purpose we decide upon as listed above.

3. As the contributor you are solely responsible for all content you personally input on to this includes all content that is (displayed or uploaded) and as such you agree to assume all risks associated with your content, this includes: Any disclosure by you of information in your uploaded or displayed content that makes you personally identifiable or is subject to anyone's reliance on its accuracy, completeness or usefulness.

4. The Seven Holiday reserves the right to remove or reinstate user content from time to time, at our sole discretion. As an example, we may remove a review if we consider it violates our content guidelines or is in breach of any other element of the displayed Terms & Conditions. Further to this we have no obligation to keep/ retain or provide you with copies of your posted / displayed content.

Product Validity, Modifications & Amendments

1. Any and all requests for amendments/modifications must be given directly to The Seven Holiday reservation team via their e-mail booking address: [email protected]

2. If you have chosen to book a discounted, deal, or special offer price package from us, you may nullify this discount or special offer by making changes to your travel schedule as your discounted purchase has already been made. The Seven Holiday may choose, (at its sole discretion) to honor your special offer pricing or discounted rate if you have made a post purchase change, or an amendment to your itinerary however as stated above this is at our personal discretion and on a case by case basis.

3. From time to time our specified vendors and partners may amend prices, and also change inclusions, coverage, age requirements etc. for displayed packages and tours. Because of this The Seven Holiday reserves the right to cancel, substitute, or change, any service, accommodation, tour, or product, at any time, for any reason, that you have booked through our website

a.) In such cases where changes are made; if you feel dissatisfied with the alternatives The Seven Holiday have offered; you are entitled to a full and total refund of the original purchase price of the service, accommodation, tour, or product.

b.) Also in such cases The Seven Holiday gives you the option to freeze the amount you have already paid and hold it on your account, so you can use this money towards your future bookings with us.

c.) In further clarification of the above, when The Seven Holiday is informed by a partner or vendor of such a significant change to a product or booking, we will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible to reissue, or amend the booking where feasible.

4. Through (The Seven Holiday) there is no cost levied to amend the dates of a previously existing guided, activity and or marine tour booking within Bali. This is in accordance with the fact such a request is received more than (3) days prior to your confirmed date of travel by our Reservation Team. There may however be a charge if you wish us to make any changes in air tickets (as a part of this tour) as any charges incurred will be in accordance with each specific air ticket/or airlines Terms & Conditions.

5. If you decide to make a change in your itinerary date within three (3) days or less (both in Bali and through Indonesia) we will do everything possible to attempt to facilitate this request however, changes made on (short notice) i.e. 3 days or less from the confirmed tour date may incur additional charges.

6. There is a possibility to modify any type of accommodation booking (as a separate product or as a part of holiday package) strictly according to the terms and conditions of each specific resort or hotel. The Seven Holiday will attempt to honor your request; however the possibility of changes being made is fully dependant on property policy, and may attract an additional fee.

7. It is not however possible to change or modify any special event, theater or show ticket. Sales of these tickets are final and cannot be amended once the original purchase is made and confirmed.

8. All further changes to dates times (requests and amendments) are subject to vendor’s availability during the time of the request. The Seven Holiday cannot guarantee the success of any date change request.

Pricing & Inclusions/Exclusions

1. Prices listed on are charged on a per individual attending basis except when otherwise stated.

2. All prices quoted are determined based on the local tariff at the time of quotation and are converted to US dollars using the relevant current foreign exchange rate as determined by The Seven Holiday.

3. Any and all quotations which include a price can be changed by The Seven Holiday without notice, until a booking has been specifically confirmed.

4. Unless otherwise specified and stated, prices listed on include: local taxes or usage fees, however do not include: foreign/local departure, customs, immigration charges or international transportation tax.

5. Prices are exempt from other monies paid such as tips or gratuities paid directly to, drivers, tour directors or guides; also prices are non inclusive of and visa and passport fees; lost or stolen baggage and personal insurance of any personal items further more any food or beverages not specified and listed and under the section marked “Inclusions” on the product pages of

Payments & Cancellations

1. A 30% deposit payment is required to secure any booking. Also you have option to pay 100% of total amount. You may also choose a part payment on the website: check out page or during conversation with The Seven Holiday customer service assistant or travel expert.

2. Full payment is required for your holiday and honeymoon package at least 45 days before the holiday start date, and when international air tickets are included in the package.

3. If you choose to pay 30% deposit, the remaining 70% balance should be paid in accordance with the terms & conditions of each specific booking. As mentioned in the contract that will be sent to you after 30% deposit has been received by The Seven Holiday and is in the company bank account. The payment deadline for the booking depends on the specific package/accommodation stay/tour/service date, requested, also the date of your reservation, and is subject to applicable partners/vendors regulations.

4. Full payment is required to provide holiday package/accommodation/tour/service. In such instances as the 20% deposit has been paid, but the remaining 80% has not be received to our bank account or in some cases (like payments for guided tours) not paid in cash at our Bali office, before deadline provided in the contract, The Seven Holiday cannot provide indicated package/accommodation/tour/service and it will be fully canceled.

5. Moreover, in the specific case or instance that 70% was not received to our Bank account before the deadline provided in the contract, the initial deposit of 20% is non refundable, and cannot be used for any other future booking. Therefore we strongly recommend that you make payments on time, and it is better to make them in advance to avoid possible losses.

6. The Seven Holiday accepts the following credit cards through Payment link gateways Doku & Xendit: MasterCard, Visa & JCB

a.) There is an additional charge of 3.5% for processing payments made via the provided payment links.

b.) Payment will be listed under the names of The Seven or The Seven Holiday Package on the credit/debit card statement.

6.1 In specific cases (such as a short term booking within 3 days or a modification of an existing booking within three days or so, or other exceptional / non regular condition) The Seven Holiday can accept payments by cash in our Bali office.

7. There are no refunds available once a tour or service has commenced, or in respect of any package, accommodation, meals, or any other services utilized.

8. Canceling a booking with The Seven Holiday can result in cancellation fees being applied as outlined below. Additional fees may be levied. When canceling any booking you will be notified back via email, or telephone, of the total cancellation fees applicable.

a.) Theater, concert and show tickets are non-refundable in all circumstances.

b.) Hot Offers, Free Vouchers, Time Limited Deals, and any other discount certificates are non refundable in all circumstances.

c.) Accommodation at the resort, hotel, villa, or any other property type chosen can be partly refundable. The refund depends on the Terms & Conditions of each specific booking, as the possibility of compensation is affected by the number of days before check-in a cancellation is made.

d.) Full holiday and honeymoon packages are and (can be) partly refundable. This depends on the Terms & Conditions of each specific booking, as the possibility of compensation is affected by the number of days before check in. This also depends on the addition (or not) of air tickets and other related services. The refund is also seasonally dependant i.e. what season (high or low) your booking was for; this is again subject to the Holiday or Honeymoon Package terms and conditions, and other rules for each specific package component. If stated that it is possible for your package it may be feasible to also make changes to the dates and guest names and additional services for an additional fee.

e.) Airline tickets on their own or as part of a package are non refundable in all circumstances. If the Airline allows you can make changes to dates and amend names for an additional fee please.

f.) Marine tours, any guided activity, spa packages and transfers in Bali can be cancelled subject to the following conditions:

  • Cancellations are made at least 5 calendar days in advance of desired activity date will incur no cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made between 2 and 4 calendar days in advance of desired activity date will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations within 1 calendar day will be charged the full amount a 100% cancellation fee.

g.) Tours to any other part of Indonesia (excluding Bali) can be cancelled subject to the following conditions:

  • Airline tickets as part of a tour package are non refundable in all circumstances. If the Airline allows; you can make changes to dates, and amend names, for an additional fee.
  • Cancellations are made at least 7 calendar days in advance of desired activity date will incur no cancellation fee and only air tickets are non refundable.
  • Cancellations made between 3 and 6 calendar days in advance of desired activity date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. You will be returned 50% of tour price after deduction for non-refundable airline tickets.
  • Cancellations within 2 calendar days will be charged the full amount 100% cancellation fee.

Exchange fees and financial charges

A transactions value may be subject to (foreign transaction, currency exchange) and other fees and may also incur taxes. Furthermore your bank or debit/credit card company may convert the payment made on into the local currency thus resulting in differences between the amount displayed on the website and the final amount charged to your bank account or credit/debit card. If you have any questions regarding this please contact your bank or card company. Please also note for bookings made in Brazil, the tax named IOF (Tax upon Financial Operations, 6.38%) is not included in the final booking price, and will be charged to the credit or debit card used to make the purchase.

Force Majors

1. By booking any travel service or product through all customers agree and acknowledge that in addition to the terms and conditions laid out in this document, that The Seven Holiday is not culpable, or liable for any losses, accidents, damages, injuries, delays, or expense to customer or their property. The Severn Holiday is due to act of default by any carrier, hotel, or other person or company proving services included in packages or tours.

The Seven Holiday Contract

1. As a Customer of The Seven Holiday you will be issued a The Seven Holiday Contract for each package, tour, or service which has been booked and 100% paid for. This contract will be sent to your e-mail address where it can be printed out.

2. You must present this authentic, original The Seven Holiday contract to the appropriate service provider to redeem your tour, stay, package or ticket.

(i). As a matter of security when redeeming your contract please present valid photo Identification such as a passport or driving license this is for ID purposes and helps us combat fraud.

The Seven Holiday (Free) Vouchers

1. The Redemption of Seven Holiday Free Vouchers can only be carried out by The Seven Holiday Experts and/or The Seven Holiday Managers. The voucher must be sent before this in an e-mail.

2. The Seven Holiday Free Voucher is valid for exactly the same product or service the same dates and the same number of guests is as stated on the voucher.

3. The Seven Holiday Fee Voucher can be received as a bonus or gift in conjunction with other promotions by The Seven Holiday.

4. The Seven Holiday Free Voucher is not redeemable in cash equivalency.

5. The Seven Holiday reserves the right to cancel any and all vouchers obtained through fraud or in a fraudulent manner.

6. The Seven Holiday is not held accountable or is responsible for lost or stolen The Seven Holiday Free Vouchers.

Passports, Visas, and Insurance

1. It is the responsibility of the passenger or passengers regardless of destination and nationality to first check with the consulate of country they intend on visiting for up to date current entry requirements and regulations.

2. Due to the fact Visa and health entry requirements are subject to change, without warning and prior notice, we recommend you consult the appropriate consulate (for the country you intend to visit) for verification prior to departure.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

1. Under no circumstances will The Seven Holiday or any of its partners, or service providers and /or distributors be liable for any of the following: damage or losses (whether such losses were known foreseeable or otherwise): (a) Loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (b) loss of data; (c) loss of opportunity; (d) loss of goodwill or injury suffered to reputation; (e) losses suffered by third parties or; (f) any indirect consequential special or exemplary damages arising from using regardless of the form of action.

2. The Seven Holiday and its agents and partners with reference to making arrangements for tours, transportation, hotels, or any other service in conjunction with the wishes and itineraries of individual customers is not, and shall not, be liable for damage, injury, loss, delay, accident, or any other irregularity liability or expense to person or property due to actions from any carrier, hotel, airline, or other company providing services included in tour packages.

3. In addition to the statement above: The Seven Holiday and its suppliers and agents accept no responsibility for any sickness, labor disputes, acts of terrorism, government restraints weather conditions, theft, malicious action, defect in any vehicle or mode of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control.

4. Cancellation Fees may vary for certain custom itinerary tours; your The Seven Holiday consultant will specify cancellation fees prior to making your reservation.

5. At The Seven Holiday, we check then re-check all details pertaining to our products and services for accuracy, however, The Seven Holiday does not guarantee that the content of information contained and displayed on will be error-free, uninterrupted and that defects will be corrected or that or the servers that display it and make it available are free of viruses and bugs.


The mass collection of materials, which have been used and displayed on have been gathered from people and partners including but not limited to newsgroups, free websites and other sources. We respect the intellectual property of these resources and believe them to be from the ‘public domain’.

If you happen to be the rightful owner of any of this material we have used on our website or social media platforms, and are opposed to the usage in any way, please contact us at [email protected] and it will be adjusted accordingly or deleted. We aim to highlight and share beautiful imagery showing Indonesia at its best and thank all those who share, submit and publish their photos online.

For any other related concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. Please provide us with the exact image and the exact location where the image has been shared. Explain your concern and how you would like us to adjust whether it be misspelling accreditation or removing the material entirely.

If you believe any of the material displayed to be explicit, unethical or inappropriate, please let us know and we will assess accordingly. If we deem the data and/or material not fit, we will act immediately in response.

These terms and conditions form part of the agreement as stated between the client and The Seven Holiday. Any person accessing (logging on) this to the website and/or undertaking a booking indicates their understanding, agreement, and acceptance, of the contained Disclaimers and the full Terms and Conditions disclosed.

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