Exotic Flores and Komodo Tour Package

Looking for a true adventure on one of the islands in exotic Indonesia? Our Flores and komodo tour is just the right thing for you! The term ‘chasing the dragon’ has many connotations, however in a literal sense there is no better place to see and indeed chase a dragon than the legendary Komodo Island in the Flores Region of Indonesia. Many people have difficulty in finding out more information about this mythical island and its fairytale-like creatures that still roam on planet earth even in today's modern times. We have compiled some information to help you holidaymakers and adventure seekers out, getting the very best out of their Flores and Komodo tour from Bali.

Flores and Komodo Tour From Bali

Flores and Komodo tours from Bali to spot the amazing Komodo Dragons

The Komodo Dragons are no myth, they really do exist, be it only on Komodo and Rinca Island in Nusa Tenggara, an island group east of Bali, part of the Indonesian archipelago. The islands are famed for their natural beauty and of course, the Komodo Dragons - world’s largest lizards with close resemblance to the ancient dinosaurs. They can grow up to 4 meters long and they can weigh as much as a small car but despite that, they can run surprisingly fast and they are also able to climb trees. Caution is necessary! Many travellers head over to these islands to see these giant lizards with their own eyes.

Flores and Komodo Tours

You can reach the island with a challenging 3-night / 4 days boat trip from Lombok but most travelers take the easier and safer route, flying to Labuan Bajo, a little town in the east of Flores and taking a boat from there, getting you to Komodo Island in a few hours instead of a few days. Upon arrival on Komodo Island, a local ranger will take you on a hike through the island’s raw, unspoiled nature to spot the dragons in the wild. There are long and short hikes and be sure to stick to your ranger as it is not the first time someone who drifted away from the group went missing. Like a photographer back in the 80ties - all they found back was his glasses… But no worries, as long as you stay close to your ranger, you are perfectly safe.

Tour to Komodo Island

After Komodo Island, you can continue your Komodo adventure, travelling to the nearby Rinca Island. This island is bigger, wilder and there are fewer tourists. If you are lucky, you also get to spot some Komodo dragons here, in the wild. It is amazing! Depending on which Flores and Komodo tour you book, you can return to Labuan Bajo or sleep on the boat, watching the stunning starlit sky in the evening, after having witnessed hundreds of big bats flying over during sunset time and they will fly over once again as the sun rises near Kalong Island.

The second day will be filled with more nice things such a stop at Pink Beach and exploring the marine life with your snorkelling gear. One thing is for sure, no matter which tour to Komodo Island you pick, you are in for amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Diving in Komodo

The Komodo Dragon is not the only reason travellers head towards this area of the Indonesian archipelago. The landscape above the surface certainly is fairytale worthy with green little inhabited islands scattered around in the deep blue sea, but below the surface, awaits another paradise. The underwater world here is of magnificent beauty, completely unspoilt and filled with marine life. Rich coral gardens and reefs, tons of exotic fish and more amazing sea creatures to blow you away, such as the magical manta rays, big turtles, sharks and even the mighty whale shark - the biggest shark in the world who is funnily not dangerous at all, eating only plankton.

A diving tour to Komodo and just diving around this area in general is truly amazing. With our holiday packages to Flores and Komodo, you can experience the incredible underwater world and then retire to your hotel. The next day the adventure continues with a trip to see the Komodo Dragons. Some packages even allow you to get up close and personal with the komodo’s by feeding these feared, giant creatures with your own hands. A skilled, experienced local guide and ranger will be present at all times to guarantee your safety.

Holiday Packages to Flores and Komodo

The ultimate holiday package to Flores & Komodo

With our connections to local expert guides and best-rated hotels, we can make your trip to these remote islands near Flores most magical and memorable. You can conveniently book your Flores and Komodo tour from Bali, so that once you reach the island of Flores, your adventure can start without any hassle whatsoever. We offer high-class accommodation in hotels, apartments and even villas and our tours to Komodo Island are truly first class with native guides who not only know the island intimately but also speak fluent English. With the guidance of these professional, knowledgeable rangers, safety is guaranteed and on top of that, they will passionately inform you about the unique culture, the history and local folklore tales surrounding these islands and its inhabitants; the Komodo dragons.

Flores & Komodo Holiday package

Our holiday packages to Flores and Komodo include exciting hikes through the breathtaking landscape to spot all kinds of local wildlife. Our diving trips will take you to several terrific local dive spots and allow you the opportunity to see the underside of Komodo Island where you can see the true beauty of the island’s underwater kingdom.

All of our tours are handpicked by the experts of The Seven Holiday and we can also tailor-make the Komodo package of your dreams. We have flexible tour dates, so you can easily reschedule if needed and during the trip there is 24/7 expert support available. You will also be provided with a startup welcome kit, providing you with all basic necessities such as sunblock, mosquito repellant, motion sickness pills (might come in handy on the boat) and aloe vera aftersun.

Whatever your tour needs for an enchanting Komodo-themed holiday, we are sure to have a package to suit you. Check out all the available tours at The Seven Holiday and book your special Flores and Komodo tour today!

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