Visiting Komodo and Flores

The term chasing the dragon has many connotations however in a literal sense there is no better place to see and indeed , chase a dragon as the legendary Komodo Island off Flores in Indonesia. Many people have difficulty in finding out more information about the mythical island or the dragon itself and will be typing things like Komodo dragon to see into search engines like Google with little or no results, so I have compiled some information to help out holiday makers and adventure seekers get the very best out of a tour to Komodo. The island makes up part of the Indonesian archipelago and is famed for its natural beauty and of course the giant lizard which makes the island its home. The Komodo dragon is large and can grow to up to 4 meters and can weigh the same as a small car but can surprisingly run quite fast and also is able to climb trees.

In recent years a new industry has opened up on the island that has really accelerated Komodo as a world class holiday destination, that industry is diving and with stunning coral reefs and a huge variety of marine life including turtles, manta rays, sharks and even the world’s largest (yet funnily the safest as it eats plankton) shark; the mighty whale shark. A diving tour to Komodo and just diving in komodo in general is amazing. And with many a holiday package to Flores and Komodo now available to tourists; you can experience the incredible underwater world and then retire to your hotel, before heading on the next day, to go and see the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat. A high end Komodo package may even let you get up close and personal feeding the Komodo’s although a handler will be present at all times to guarantee your safety.

A tour to Komodo is made even better by a knowledgeable English speaking guide who is happy to help and will explain to you about the unique culture and the history, and local folklore surrounding the dragons. With the Seven travels Flores and Komodo tour options you are guaranteed a fantastic and memorable tour experience which will make your trip to these remote islands one of magic and wonderment. We have high class accommodation options in luxury hotels, apartments and even villas and offer a truly first class tour to Komodo Island with native guides who not only know the island intimately but also speak fluent English. We allow you to get up close and personal to the dragons and also offer tours of the island itself so you can see the other breathtaking sights and local wildlife. Our diving trips will take you to several local dive spots and allow you the opportunity to see the underside of Komodo Island where you can see the true beauty of the islands underwater kingdom. Whatever your tour needs for this enchanting holiday destination we are sure to have a package to suit you! Come and check out all the available tours at and book your special trip to Komodo today!

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