Which Gili Island to choose?

Bali is a great place there’s no denying that; but sometimes the traffic and the hustle and bustle can get too much for some, so thank the gods that less than two hours away you can get away from it all on three of the most stunningly beautiful islands in the Indonesian archipelago. I am talking about the Gili islands! Each one of islands is completely different from each other, and all are nestled in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and less than a few kilometers apart.

The Islands are easily reached by ferry or fast boat from Benoa harbor in Nusa Dua or Padang Bai in north Bali or if you’re feeling really extravagant you can fly from Sanur using Air Bali on a private helicopter and land on (as it is affectionately known) Gili T. Whichever way you choose to get there the Gili islands are without question one of the hidden gems of a Bali holiday and from there you can easily access Bali’s larger sister island Lombok famed for its diving.

Gili Trawangan Beach

So which Island would suit you what Gili to choose? It’s a fair question and depends on what you want from your trip to the Gili Islands. I will start with probably the most romantic island Gili Meno, billed as a paradise and heaven on earth, the pristine white sand and amazingly beautiful tropical reefs of Gili Meno have made it a Mecca for wedding parties and divers alike, in fact, it is the best place for diving in Gili. Quiet palm fringed deserted beaches lend themselves to the perfect beach wedding also Meno is famous for the incredible abundance of birds and marine life making it the perfect place for nature lovers, people come to the island to relax in a hammock, tie the knot or snorkel and dive in the amazing coral reefs. There is little night life on the island and only a handful of bars or restaurants so quit and relaxed would be the vibe of Meno.

Gili Meno

In contrast Gili Trawangan is the party island out of the three and on arrival you will be greeted with thumping techno music, and colorful psychedelic sign boards. On arriving on the island although it is busy you will be surprised to not see any cars or motorbikes as the island is strictly pedal, or hoof power only. The main street is full of shops and bars, and everyone is pretty happy to see you and is encouraging you to have a beer or smoke a shisha, and just put your feet up and relax. Trawangan also has some great restaurants and street markets where you can eat traditional Indonesian fare such as Nasi or Mie goreng or even fresh caught sea food.

Gili Trawangan

The number and range of nightlife on Trawangan is staggering from quiet little reggae bars built of drift wood, lively local bars with live music, to super clubs playing hard core and chart hits, and even a rock bar playing real heavy metal. Prices are slightly more than you would expect to pay in Bali with a beer on average costing RP35, 000 about USD $2.75. The island has beautiful beaches and is a great place to relax though if you want diving snorkeling and fishing there day are trips you can take across to Gili Meno.

The final island Gili Air is like a combination of the other two islands. Air is laid back and chilled out, but also has some night life, and is a decent place to enjoy a few beers in a bar. Gili Air is also a fantastic island in terms of activities diving, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and snorkeling to name but a few. The island is blessed like Gili Meno with stunning and colorful coral reefs. and plentiful birds and marine wildlife. Air like the other two islands has a donkey taxi service, and people generally get around on pushbikes.

When it comes to thinking about where to stay at Gili the choices are varied and can range from your own private luxury villa by the sea, to a beach hut or even a bunk bed room in a back packers.

Gili Air

The Gili islands are suited for everyone as they have something for every type of person be they a thrill seeker, or want to do nothing more than relax on a white sand beach dipping their toes in the ocean, and being serenaded by the sounds of the sea. Honeymoons are a great reason to explore, and on all three islands the perfect relaxing experience most couples crave is right at your fingertips. The Islands (as mentioned before) are very close together so you can take a ferry or small boat and ‘island hop’ from one to the other meaning you get a chance to experience all three very different islands, when you need stay at only one.

Whichever island you decide to visit and whatever your budget and accommodation choices, you can be sure of the fact that not only will your visit to the Gili islands be amazing but that here at The Seven Holiday, we have all bases covered and our quality Bali holiday packages cover Bali Gili, and much more besides. We have packages to suit backpacker and CEO’s alike, if you want luxurious accommodation and to experience the very best places to stay in Gili then look no further we offer diving trips, wedding packages, in Gili Lombok and Bali, as well as wind surfing packages and even event nights and pub crawls.

Whatever activity you want to do while you are visiting the island our team of holiday experts is here to make sure it is exactly as you planned.

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